Punchaat: Enough after 13 years

To Mrs SSS, u have been in my life for about 13 years now… u gave me three good well-mannered children but u are ill-mannered. U don’t cook for me, u treat me like I am nobody…u just abuse my money. I have bought u a fancy BMW and fancy house and yet you still seem to think my money grows on a tree, spending R10 000 each week… yet I tell you nothing. 

U are rude to our children. U don’t care for them. U are useless in bed, u always have excuses.

Make up your mind what you really want okay? 

i finally caught u chatting to you pals on Mxit, Facebook always running to your phone… Guys, I am telling you to check on your wives as some of them are wolves! I have been so frustrated with my own wife after 13 years of marriage that I decided to get married married… secretly. Just so that I can finally be satisfied- and in more than one way, too! 

Frustrated husband

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Punchaat: 7 Women, 14 Men

We always thought the Punchaat column contained articles of deception. 

After reading this column and doing personal follow-ups, this is our conclusion… 

We are few women who decided to do a follow-up on some of our Punchaat writers. We kept our eye on a few women… and your articles are 100% true! 

Many of the women we know have silent birdies in their purses. When their husbands are out, the birdie flies in. Other instances include them meeting at the office or restaurants, or even in a deep hide out. 

Thus far we know of seven woman who have ‘side-kicks’. What about the others? Well, soon we will let the husbands and wives see the pictures of this love in the house and the romance in secret. 

We are victims of evil. Our husbands have destroyed their marriage lives with us because of these cheapskate women who are enticing them. 

Wake up women! If you know of such happenings, voice your feelings! hese evil run-arounds must get the message! If your husbamndhas bee stolen by these female vultures, then stand up and fight for your rights! 

And shame on all you adulterous married women! You sleep with our men, chow their money… and then still act innocent by greeting us at functions and shopping amlls… as if you have nothing to hide. 

Beware… you are being watched! 

Against impure women

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Punchaat: Nutty Neigbour

My neighbour, Mrs XXX, is really insane! 

This woman goes to shopping malls like a drug addict. Homestly, I think a visit to the mall gives her a fix… just like a drug addict taking cocaine or something! 
And one actually hears her say, so often: “I have to go to Menlyn or Sandton…it makes me feel alive!” 
Now just look at what our society is descending into! It is not religious practice or caring for their families and husbands or even just being good God fearing human beings that make them feel alive… no, it is Menlyn or Sandton that takes the honours in this poor womans life! 
Mrs XXX obviously has not realised that parents are supposed to lead by example. If a mother spends her life in a shopping mall, then what is to be expected of her daughters? 
I actually feel sorry for Mrs XXX! She already looks half mad and when she wants to go shopping, she looks completely mad, almost as if she has to, and needs to go. 

Mrs XXX has no clue on how to run a kitchen or a house. She actually cannot even cook or bake. Everything she does is contracted out! The poor woman who handles her catering on a daily basis has to slog every single day to earn a few rand - Mrs XXX’s oven in her kitchen is still new and she is so proud of herself for not even having baked a pie! 

May the Almighty have mercy on us all! including Mrs XXX. I feel sorry for you lady! 

PS: I know you read the Punchaat column often and I hope you get some kind of help to sort your fix out and rather use that time you spend running around in malls to pray and do good work. 

Concerned neighbour

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